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JAVA/J2EE INTERVIEW QUESTIONs:- Explain many types of design pattern?
Java Training: - Show Bootstrap, Extension and System Class loader?
Java Training: - What is the concept of local interfaces?
Java Training: - Different types of resultset?
Java Training: - Elaborate “ResultSet”, “RowSet”, “CachedRowset”, “JdbcRowset” and “WebRowSet” relation ship?
Java Training: - What is the difference between JNDI context, Initial context, session context and EJB context?
What do you mean stateful and stateless session bean?
Java Training: - Explain ORM and different levels of ORM quality?
Java Training: - Can you explain marshaling and unmarshalling?
Java Interview Questions: - Explain navigation rules and how to declare the same?
Java Training: - Can you explain differences between DTDs and Schema?
Java Training: - Can you explain Bean lifecycle in Spring framework?
Java Interview Questions: - Show blocking Queues in Java?
Java Interview Questions: - What do you mean by Passivation and Activation in EJB?
Java Training: -What do you mean by JAXR?
Java Training: -What is SOAP?
Java Training: - What are the different scopes of an object can have in a JSP page?
Java Training: - What is ACID in transaction?
Java Training: - How will you explain Page directives?
Java Training: -Explain implicit EL (Expression Language) objects in JSP?
Java Training: -Elaborate Garbage collector in Java?
Java Training: -Show Service Loader in Java?
Java Training: -How will you explain JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) and its different section?
Java Training: -Elaborate taglib directives?
Java/Servlets interview questions: -Mention the concept of SSI(Server Side Includes)?
Java/Servlets interview questions: -Explain differences between getSession(true) and getSession(false)?
Java interview questions: - What do you mean by cookies?
Java interview questions: - Explain why is HTTP protocol called as a stateless protocol?
Java/servlets interview questions: - Can you explain Servlets and its lifecycle?
Java interview questions: - How will you explain Native Interface in JAVA?