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Java Training: - Can you explain Bean lifecycle in Spring framework?

  • The spring container finds the beans definition from the XML file and instantiates the bean
  • Using the dependency injection, spring populates all of the properties as specified in the bean definition
  • If the bean implements the BeanNameAware interface, the factory calls setBeanName() passing the bean’s ID
  • If the bean implements the BeanFactoryAware interface, the factory calls setBeanFactory(), passing an instance of itself
  • If there are any BeanPostProcessors associated with the bean, their post ProcessBeforeInitialization() methods will be called
  • If an init-method is specified for the bean, it will be called
  • Finally, if there are any BeanPostProcessors associated with the bean, their postProcessAfterInitialization() methods will be called

See the following video on Inheritance between beans and Spring in Java: -

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