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Java Training: - What is ACID in transaction?

A transaction is proper if it fulfils ACID properties. These four properties are as below:-

Atomicity: - This rule states if one part of the transaction fails then the entire transaction should fail.

Consistency: - This rule states that only valid data should be written to database. Any invalid data should roll back the whole transaction. If the transaction executes successfully then it should take database from one state which is consistent to other state which is also consistent.

Isolation: - This rule states that multiple transactions occurring at the same time should not impact each other. If “shiv” and “raju” is withdrawing and depositing money both the transaction should operate in an isolated manner. Isolation ensures that transactions do not affect each other.

Durability: - This rule states that any transaction committed should not be lost. It’s ensured through database backups and transaction logs in database. So that if there is a problem at any point we can restore back to the original state.

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