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A New approach to share Knowledge

xpode is a new kind of sharing knowledge portal, built on the idea that education can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful for every one. And maybe even fun. After all, xpode has:

Manage the Articles
Article can be managed from admin section. you can add and update your articles. Make your own categories and arrange articles according to catgory wise. Manage the Add, update the category according to you.

Access Account

Access your account fron any where across the world.

Check Comments and Popularity of your Article.

You can check the statistics of your articles. How many time your article accessed and how many people commented for your articles. All from backend section.

Your own page

You will get your own page where your all information will be shown like how many articles you have contributed to this website.

Rss Feed

You will have your own rss feed identity for your submitted articles on the website.

New to site. Its free and easy.

Why Join
  • You can manage your articles and all stuff from section
  • Can change your articles any time. Edit, update
  • Can access your article from any place
  • You can check comments of your articles from here