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Articles in November of year 2013

How can you apply CSS style using ID value? ( ASP.NET CSS interview questions with answers)
So let’s say you have a HTML paragraph tag with id “mytext” as shown in the below snippet. &l
What is the difference between Canvas and SVG graphics?(ASP.NET HTML 5 interview questions with answers)
Note :- If you see the previous
.NET interview questions: - How can we improve performance of .NET?
elow are some common points you can remember. List is endless but I do not want to make it long, so
ADO.NET Interview Questions: - What are basic methods of Data adapter?
There are three most commonly used methods of Data adapter:- Fill: - Executes the Select Command
.NET interview questions: - So how can we clean unmanaged objects and also maintain performance?
e need to follow the below steps:- Implement IDisposable interface and implement the dispose funct
ADO.NET Interview Question: - What are the major differences between classic ADO and ADO.NET?
ollowing are some major differences between both :-  In ADO we have recordset and in ADO.NET