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Articles in November of year 2012

What is Depository Services?
Main function of Depository Services is the holding securities either in certificated or uncertif
C# and .NET Interview questions and answers: - What is Razor and when should we use it?
It’s a light weight view engine. Till MVC we had only one view type i.e.ASPX, Razor was introduced in MVC 3. Razor is clean, lightweight and syntaxes are each as compared to ASPX. For example in ASPX to display simple time we need to write. <%=DateTime.Now%>   In Razor it’s just one line of code. @DateTime.Now As per Microsoft razor is more preferred because its light weight , can be unit tested and has simple syn
C# and ASP.NET MVC (Model view controller) interview questions and answers: - How can we restrict MVC actions to be invoked only by GET or POST?
We can decorate the MVC action by “HttpGet” or “HttpPost” attribute to restrict the type of HTTP calls. For instance you can see in the below code snippet the “DisplayCustomer” action can only be invoked by “HttpGet”. If we try to make Http post on “DisplayCustomer” it will throw a error. [HttpGet]         public ViewResult DisplayCustomer(int id)         {        &
C# interview questions: - Top c# interview questions asked in c# and .NET interviews
The below text is taken from .NET interview question book and SQL Server interview question book . Below are top 50 c# interview question which are asked in c# and .NET interviews. 1.Can you explain architecture of your current project? 2.What role did you play in your project and company? 3.What’s your salary expectation? 4.Why do you want to leave your previous organization? 5.How much do you rate yourself between 1 to 10? 6.Can you speak about yourself? 7.How can we improve perf
JAVA/J2EE INTERVIEW QUESTIONs:- Explain many types of design pattern?
Factory design pattern:- Defines an interface for creating an object , but lets the sub class de