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Articles in November of year 2010

Show icon on your websites address bar or bookmark list
If you want to show icon on your websites address bar or bookmark list then follow these steps. Th
How to Make Copyright Symbol. in HTML and MS Word
1. Make sure to use your numeric keypad,do not use the numbers on the top of the keyboard(which have
Function Overloading
Here we have overloaded the function ‘area ( )’ to perform three operations- find area of squar
Font Resizing with Javascript
In this trick you can resize the font of specific tag with a click on specifuc word. In this example
CLR environment
It is a component of .NET Framework. It is the environment that manages code execution i.e. it is r
Coding Standard for good software programming
Mostly programmers write inefficient code, this is real. Some things are learned with time and exper
Bookmark this page/Add to favourite script
Have you seen the word Bookmark this page or Add to favourite on websites. There is a small scri
How to upload files on website with filezilla
To upload files on websites, you need followings: - Credentials of website (FTP user name and pass
Create an index with Drop existing index on table
If you want to Create an cluster index on table then there should not be any index on that table. So
What is Circular Linked List ? What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Circular Linked List
In it the last node does not contain NULL pointer. Instead the last node contains a pointer that has