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How to Make Copyright Symbol. in HTML and MS Word

1. Make sure to use your numeric keypad,do not use the numbers on the top of the keyboard(which have special charactors also).

2. NumLock needs to be ON.

3. Using the numeric keypad, hold down the Alt key

4. Hit the numbers 0, 1, 6, 9 (in succession) for © Copyright. Then you can let up the Alt key.

If you are using Microsoft Office, ALT+CTRL+C does it.

MacOS- option – g

Windows- Alt + 0169

Some Keyboards (such as the DELL Laptop have a key to the left of the space bar that has an “Fn” written on it In order to get the copyright symbol, try holding down this button at the same time as ALT+0169. So it’s Fn+ALT+0169

HTML Name Code- ©

HTML number code- ©

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