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Articles in March of year 2014

.NET interview questions: - How do you do object pooling in .NET?
Here is the .NET interview questions on how to do object pooling in .NET. COM+ reduces overhead
.NET interview questions: - How to implement DTC in .NET?
Here is the .NET interview questions on how DTC is implemented using COM+. Foll
ADO.NET interview questions: - How to add/remove row is in “Data Table” object of “Dataset”? How to load multiple tables in a Dataset & adding relation between tables in a Dataset?
Data table” provides “NewRow” method to add new row to “Data Table”. “Data Table” has “DataRowCollec
.NET interview questions: - What is the difference between DEBUG and Release?
Not quite often but can be asked .NET interview questions on DEBUG and Release mode. DEB
.NET testing interview questions: - What is Mock testing and how to implement it?
Let us say you want to UNIT test a data access layer class. But before any call is made to the data
.NET interview questions: - What are practical uses of Dynamic and reflection keyword?
This is the .NET interview questions asked to candidate to judge his practical skills. We have t
.NET interview questions: - What are different types of collections in .NET?
There are five important collections in .NET Arrays, Lists, Hashtable, stacks and queues. A