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ADO.NET interview questions: - How to add/remove row is in “Data Table” object of “Dataset”? How to load multiple tables in a Dataset & adding relation between tables in a Dataset?

“Data table” provides “NewRow” method to add new row to “Data Table”. “Data Table” has “DataRowCollection” object that has all rows in a “Data Table” object. Following are the methods provided by “DataRowCollection” object: -

Adds a new row in Data Table

It removes a “Data Row” object from “Data Table”

Remove At
It removes a “Data Row” object from “Data Table” depending on index position of the “Data Table”.

Load multiple tables in a Dataset: -

objCommand.CommandText = "Table1"

objDataAdapter.Fill(objDataSet, "Table1")

objCommand.CommandText = "Table2"

objDataAdapter.Fill(objDataSet, "Table2")

Above is a sample code, which shows how to load multiple “Data Table” objects in one “Dataset” object. Sample code shows two tables “Table1” and “Table2” in object ObjDataSet.

lstdata.DataSource = objDataSet.Tables("Table1").DefaultView

In order to refer “Table1” Data Table, use Tables collection of Datasets and the Default view object will give you the necessary output.

Adding relation between tables in a Dataset: -

Dim objRelation As DataRelation





Relations can be added between “Data Table” objects using the “Data Relation” object. Above sample, code is trying to build a relationship between “Customer” and “Addresses” “Data table” using “Customer Addresses” “Data Relation” object.

See the following ADO.NET interview questions video on dataset is a disconnect while datareader is connected: -

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