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Articles in July of year 2012

Java Interview Questions: - Show blocking Queues in Java?
The java.util.concurrent package contains a set of synchronized Queue interfaces and classes. Blocking Queue extends Queue with operations that wait for the queue to become nonempty when retrieving an element and for space to become available in the queue when storing an element. This interface is implemented by the following classes: LinkedBlockingQueue — an optionally bounded FIFO blocking queue backed by linked nodes ArrayBlockingQueue — a bounded FIFO blocking queue backed by
ASP.NET interview question and training: - Do session variable use cookies?
Yes they do. So in case the cookies are disabled what happens? In your web.config file you can set cookieless=true in sessionstate tag. If this is done data is passed via querystring. See the below video for more clarity Click to get ASP.NET interview question and training Regards, Get more ASP.NET interview question and training from author's blog
Java Interview Questions: - What do you mean by Passivation and Activation in EJB?
When we are dealing with stateful session beans we need to store the client conversation of the bean so that it can be available in client’s next request. But when we talk about server it has limited resources. If the conversation of the bean is large then the server can run out of resource. So in order to preserve resources EJB server swaps this conversational data in memory to hard disk thus allowing memory to be reclaimed. This process of saving the memory data to hard disk is called as “Pas
How to put meta tags in content pages in
or SEO purpose meta tags are very important. If we are using master pages then we need to add meta t
Java Training: -What do you mean by JAXR?
JAXR is a standard API used to access XML registries from the JAVA platform. An XML registry is a listing of services available on the Web. JAXR provides APIs for the client applications to query the registries, or publish their own information in them using the registry standards. It acts as a pluggable layer that allows access to registries implemented on different standards, such as Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) and Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup Lang
Java Training: -What is SOAP?
SOAP is an XML-based protocol that enables software components and applications to communicate with one another. It defines rules to translate application and platform-specific data into the XML format. SOAP allows you to communicate with the Web Service using protocols such as HTTP and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SOAP has three main sections:- • Envelope: Contains elements such as the header and body of the SOAP messaging structure. It also includes an encodingStyle attribute that s
Java Training: - What are the different scopes of an object can have in a JSP page?
There are four scope which an object can have in a JSP page:- Page Scope Objects with page scope are accessible only within the page. Data only is valid for the current response. Once the response is sent back to the browser then data is no more valid. Even if request is passed from one page to other the data is lost. Request Scope Objects with request scope are accessible from pages processing the same request in which they were created. Once the container has processed the req
Java Training: - What is ACID in transaction?
A transaction is proper if it fulfils ACID properties. These four properties are as below:- Atomicity: - This rule states if one part of the transaction fails then the entire transaction should fail. Consistency: - This rule states that only valid data should be written to database. Any invalid data should roll back the whole transaction. If the transaction executes successfully then it should take database from one state which is consistent to other state which is also consistent.