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Articles in December of year 2013

ASP.NET interview questions: - What are major events in GLOBAL.ASAX file?
The Global.asax file, which is derived from the Http Application class, maintains a pool of Http
.NET interview questions: - How to decide on the design consideration to take a Data grid, data list or repeater?
Many make a blind choice of choosing data grid directly, but that is not the right way. Data grid
.NET interview questions: - How can you define a property read only for external world and writable in the same assembly?
Let’s us first try to understand this question. Let’s say if you have a class called as “Customer”
.Net Interview Questions - What is MVC, MVP and MVVM pattern?
All the above design patterns come in presentation pattern category and help to remove any kind of
ADO.NET interview questions: - What are basic methods of Data adapter and mention the use of data adapter?
There are three most commonly used methods of Data adapter: - Fill: - Exe
ADO.NET interview questions: - How can we fire a simple SQL Statement using ADO.NET?
First imports the namespace “System.Data.SqlClient”. Create a connection object and call the “O
ADO.NET interview questions: - Show difference between “Optimistic” and “Pessimistic” locking and how many ways are there to implement optimistic locking in ADO.NET?
In optimistic locking there is no locking actually. It only checks if the old values are changed, in
ASP.NET HTML5 interview questions with answers
What is HTML 5? HTML 5 is a new standard for HTML whose main target is to de