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ASP.NET interview questions: - What are major events in GLOBAL.ASAX file?

The Global.asax file, which is derived from the Http Application class, maintains a pool of Http Application objects, and assigns them to applications as needed.

The Global.asax file contains the following events:

Application_Init: Fired when an application initializes or is first called. It is invoked for all Http Application object instances.

Application Error: Fired when an unhandled exception is encountered within the application.

Application Start: Fired when the first instance of the Http Application class is created. It allows you to create objects that are accessible by all Http Application instances.

Application End: Fired when the last instance of an Http Application class is destroyed. It is fired only once during an application's lifetime.

Session Start: Fired when a new user visits the application Web site.

Session End: Fired when a user's session times out, ends, or they leave the application Web site.

See the following ASP.NET interview questions video on importance of session and viewstate: -  

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