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ADO.NET interview questions: - What are basic methods of Data adapter and mention the use of data adapter?

There are three most commonly used methods of Data adapter: -

Fill: - Executes the Select Command to fill the Dataset object with data from the data source. It can also be used to update (refresh) an existing table in a Dataset with changes made to the data in the original data source if there is a primary key in the table in the Dataset.

Fill Schema: - Extracts just the schema for a table from the data source, and creates an empty table in the DataSet object with all the correspondingconstraints.

Use of data adapter 

Data adapter object acts like a bridge it helps to load the dataset object. Below is a simple code snippet which shows how the dataadapter object is created and then using the fill method the dataset object is loaded.

SqlDataAdapter objAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(objCommand);

DataSet objDataset = new DataSet();


Above is the ADO.NET interview questions and see following video on dataset is a connected while datareader is disconnected: -

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