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Linear Search


searching starts from first element and ends till the element find out or list ends. E.g if we want to find the 4 number from 23553466 list then first 4 will be compare with the 2, not matched then next number 3. This process will continue till the 4 number not find out. in this loop it will make 6 comparison. At 6th position 4 will find out and loop will end

In linear search,


void main()
       int a[10],n,i,item,loc;
       printf("Enter the size of array: ");
       printf("\nEnter the elements of array:\n");
       printf("\nEnter the item tobe searched: ");

              printf("\nItem %d is not present in the array",item);
              printf("\nItem %d is present at %d location in the array",item,loc+1);

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