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Java Interview Questions: - Define briefly the life-cycle phases of JSF (Java Server Faces)?

Following is the brief Life-cycle phases of JSF (Java Server Faces) asked during Java interview questions.

Restore View : A request comes through the FacesServlet controller. The controller examines the request and extracts the view ID, which is determined by the name of the JSP page.

Apply request values: The purpose of the apply request values phase is for each component to retrieve its current state. The components must first be retrieved or created from the Faces Context object, followed by their values.

Process validations: In this phase, each component will have its values validated against the application's validation rules.

Update model values: In this phase JSF updates the actual values of the server-side model, by updating the properties of your backing beans.

Invoke application: In this phase the JSF controller invokes the application to handle Form submissions.

Render response: In this phase JSF displays the view with all of its components in their current state.

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