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  • What is a native method?
  • Does Java provide any construct to find out the size of an object?
  • Is Empty .java file a valid source file?
  • Can a .java file contain more than one java classes?
  • What is the difference between an argument and a parameter?
  • What is UNICODE?
  • What are Transient and Volatile Modifiers?
  • What are the different scopes for Java variables?
  • What are wrapper classes?
  • What is a the difference between System.err and System.out?
  • What are the contracts defined by .equals()?
  • If two objects are considered equal by .equals() , can it be said they has same hashCode()?
  • If two objects have same hashCode() is it necessary they will be equal by using .equals() method?
  • What contracts hashCode () defines?
  • What is the difference between == and equals?
  • What is the difference between List and List (not parameterized list and list parameterized by String) in Java?
  • What are generics in jdk1.5?
  • Are generics covariant?
  • What are Lower-bounded wildcards in generics?
  • What is Upper bounded wildcards in generics?

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Shivprasad Koirala
We conduct training for Java/J2EE technologies like design patterns, J2EE, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Rich Interface etc. and likes to write articles on the same in free time.
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