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What are Advantages and Dis-advantages of Linear Linked List

Advantages of Linear Linked List-

1. Insertions and deletions can be done easily.
2. It does not need movement of elements for insertion and deletion.
3. In it space is not wasted as we can get space according to our requirements.
4. Its size is not fixed.
5. It can be extended or reduced according to requirements.
6. Elements may or may not be stored in consecutive memory locations so if we do not have consecutive memory available, even then we can store the data in computer.
7. It is less expensive.

Disadvantages of Linear Linked List-

1. It requires more space as pointers are also stored along with information.
2. Different amount of time is required to access each element.
3. If we have to go to a particular element then we have to go through all those elements that come before that element.
4. We can not traverse it from last and only from the beginning.
5.It is not easy to sort the elements stored in the linear linked list.

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