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Articles in October of year 2010

Validation on Textbox in Gridview
This tutorial will tell you how to make validations on Textbox in GridView TemplateColumn. To valida
Method overloading in webservices
Method overloading comes in basics of OOPS. In Method overloading we multiple methods with same name
How to handle error coming while using Method Overloading in Webservices
Description and solution of below given error Service does not conform to WS-I Basic Profile v1.
Send mail using Sql server
To send the mail using sql server. you need to enable the Object creation permission, because for
Unsafe code Example in .net
If you try to run a website with unsafe code (Like pointers) in website then compiler will g
Send mail using CDO.Message
lt;p><p> Some time we have requirement that we have to send a mail without SMTP informat