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Articles in November of year 2011

ADO.NET interview questions: - Various ways to implement optimistic locking in ADO.NET.
This is one of the ADO.NET interview questions asked in the interview. Answer this question with the simple steps as follows. Ways to implement optimistic locking using ADO.NET: - When we call “Update” method of Data Adapter it handles locking internally. If the Dataset values are not matching with current data in Database, it raises concurrency exception error. We can easily trap this error using Try. Catch block and raise appropriate error message to the user. Define a Dat
.NET interview questions: -Similarities/Differences between Classes and structures.
One of the most likely .NET interview questions asked in the interview, so you should include the following points in your answers. Similarities between classes and structures: - Both can have constructors, methods, properties, fields, constants, enumerations, events, and event handlers. Structures and classes can implement interface. Both of them can have constructors with and without parameter. Both can have delegates and events. Key differences are: -
.Net Interview questions: - What is GACand add/remove an assembly from GAC?
This .NET interview questions will make you remember the basics of .NET if you are senior person in the .NET industry. For the fresher it is still a hiccup so one can start answering the same as follows: - About GAC: - GAC (Global Assembly Cache) is where all shared .NET assembly resides. GAC is used in the following situations: - If the application has to be shared among several application which is in the same computer. If the assembly has some special security, require
WCF interview questions: - Using which binding we can build WCF REST?
This is one of the asked WCF interview questions during the interview. So one proceed answer as