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Articles in May of year 2011

.NET/ASP.NET interview Questions - With the help of LINQ do simple insert, update and delete.
Answer: Let us assume that we have the following table of Student with their respective fields.   StudentId   int   StudentName   nvarchar(50)   StudentAdd   nvarchar(50) First open visual studio > New > project > select ASP.NET empty web application. Add > New item > select Web Form and create a simple form like below. &nb
.NET and SQL Server interview questions -Show Practically Sql Server Views are updatable?
Answer: View is a virtual table, which can contains data (rows with columns) from one or more table and you can retrieve data from a view. Let’s demonstrate a simple example in which we will see that how to create a view on single table and will also see that if we update the view the respective table on which the view is created  is updated or not. Now let first see how to create view. Go to View folder in SQL Server > Right click on it >
.NET and SQL Server interview questions - Show us top 10 salaries with names of employees in SQL?
Answer: Let’s see a simple example to see, how exactly we can obtain entire employee name who obtains top 10 salaries. Assuming that we have following table for Employee.   EmpId   EmpName   EmpSalary   1 Alok 20000 2 Ashok 30000 3 Anand 25000 4 Akash 18000 5 Prasad 33000
Steps to create window service in .net
(1) Open Visual Studio (2) Create a window service with any name (3) Now write your logic the
Redirect on url in asp
If we want to redirect page on another location then we may use asp page also. In asp page we may
Syntax of DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem) in code behind
When we want to access the value of row of dataset or make any condition on any value of datalist
Features of Agile testing
Agile testing involves testing from the customer perspective and testing as early as the code
Comm100 Chat (Free, open source chat service)
Chat application is requirement of every merchant website either that website works as showcase of p
.NET and ASP.NET interview Question - Define Threading and how to implement it?
Untitled Document Threading is a parallel processing unit and helps you to access multiple tasks at a one moment of time. When we want to access parallel processing in our application we use Threading. In order to use threading we first have to import System.Threading namespace in our application like below code.using System.Threading; Below is the simple class in which I have defined two functions as Fun1 and Fun2.i have also created a DoTest function with an instance of th
How to add alexa verification code to website?
1. Go to 2. Click on the "Claim your site" link 3. Enter your