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Articles in June of year 2012

how to call the controls using jquery in the client side?
Get Label Value: $('#<%=Label.ClientID%>').text();   Set label value: $('#<%=Label.ClientID%>').text("New Value");   Get Textbox value: $('#<%=TextBox.ClientID%>').val();   Set Textbox value: $('#<%=TextBox.ClientID%>').val("New Value");   Get Dropdown value: $('#<%=DropDownList.ClientID%>').val();   Set Dropdown value: $('#<%=DropDownLi
Can i Rollback the Table DataTypes while using Transactions in sql server?
Table data types are unaffected by rollback statements when using transactions. Example: begin transaction declare @emp  table (empid int) insert into @emp values(10); insert into @emp values(20); rollback select * from @emp -------------------------------- 10 20 even though you rollback the data table variables will persist the data.
Java Training: - How will you explain Page directives?
Page directive is used to define page attributes the JSP file. Below is a sample of the same:- To summarize some of the important page attributes:- Import: - Comma separated list of packages or classes, just like import statements in usual Java code. Session: - Specifies whether this page can use HTTP session. If set "true" session (which refers to the javax.servlet.http.HttpSession) is available and can be used to access the current/new session for the page. If "false", the
Java Training: -Explain implicit EL (Expression Language) objects in JSP?
Following are the implicit EL (Expression Language) objects:- Page Context: The context for the JSP page. Provides access to various objects for instance:- servletContext: The context for the JSP page's servlet and any web components contained in the same application. session: The session object for the client. request: The request triggering the execution of the JSP page. response: The response returned by the JSP page. See Constructing Responses. In addition, se
Java Training: -Elaborate Garbage collector in Java?
Garbage collection is the process of automatically freeing objects that are no longer referenced by the program. This frees the programmer from having to keep track of when to free allocated memory, thereby preventing many potential bugs. Thus making programmers more productive as they can now put more effort in coding rather than worrying about memory management. The only disadvantage of garbage collector is it adds overheads. Because the JVM (Java virtual machine) has to keep a constant tr
Factory Pattern described with simple example
Factory method is "Define an interface for creating an object, but let the subclasses decide which c
Cascading referential integrity in sql server
What is Cascading referential integrity and when we use it Can we delete the parent
Umbraco error solution : Database connection initialisation failed
hen we try to install Umbraco, can get following error "Database connection initialisation failed."
The path '/Umbraco/App_GlobalResources/' maps to a directory outside this application, which is not supported.
his error occured when you run Umbraco. To solve this error, follow below steps. To Go to IIS. Writ