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Articles in January of year 2014

ASP.NET interview questions: - How to decide on the design consideration to take a Data grid, data list or repeater?
Many make a blind choice of choosing data grid directly, but that is not the right way. Data grid
ASP.NET interview questions: - How to use a checkbox in a data grid?
Following are the steps to be done:- In ASPX page you have to add Item template tag in data grid.
ASP.NET MVC interview questions: - How to implement windows authentication for MVC?
For windows authentication you need to go and modify the “web.config” file and set authentication
.NET interview questions: - How can we stop the class from further inheriting?
We can stop the class from further inheriting by using the "Sealed" keyword. For instance below is
.NET Interview questions: - If a validation is very complex what will you do?
Best is to go for CustomValidators. Below is a sample code for a custom validator, which checks th
XML(.NET) interview questions: - What is XML?
XML stands for extensible markup language and purpose of it is describing data.   One o