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Articles in December of year 2011

Java interview questions: - How can you configure tag libraries in Struts 1.xx version?
Following are the steps to configure tag libraries in Struts 1.xx version. Manual configuration: Used in Struts version less than or equal 1.1 Step 1:  Download struts-bean.tld, struts-html.tld, struts-logic.tld and struts-tiles.tld and put the same in WEB-INF Step 2:  Declare the taglib uri in web.xml And so on Step 3: Access the same in Jsp Automatic Configuration: Used in Struts version 1.2, 1.3 Step 1: Download struts-taglib.ja
SQL Server interview questions: - Define publisher, distributor and subscriber in “Replication”?
This is the most expected asked SQL Server interview questions during the interview by the interviewer. Publisher is the one who owns the database and is the main source for data. Publisher identifies what data should be distributed across. Distributor is a bridge between publisher and subscriber. Distributor gathers all the published data and holds it until it sends it across to all subscriber. So as it is a bridge who sits in between publisher and subscriber, it supports multiple pu
SQL Server interview questions: - Show us relationship existing in database designing.
This is one of the most favorite SQL Server interview questions asked by the interviewer during the interview. We have tried to keep answer as simple as we can. So starts the answer as, basically there are three major relationship models: - One-to-one Figure: - One-to-One relationship ER diagram One-to-many In this many records in one table corresponds to the one record in other table. Example: - Every one customer can ha
Java interview questions: - Show the predefined result in struts?
In Struts 2 there are certain pre-defined result types which along with its function are explained as below. Result type Function Chain Result Action Chaining Dispatcher Result web resource integration, including JSP integration FreeMarker Result FreeMarker integration HttpHeader Result control special HTTP behaviors Redirect Result redirect to another URL (web resource) Redirect Action Result redirect to another action mapping Stream Result st
.NET interview questions: - Show output for the following code of two classes?
See the following snap code class Class1 { Class2 o = new Class2(); } class Class2 { Class1 o = new Class1(); } Answer: Both the classes are creating objects of each other due which the object will pile up in the memory and lead to "StackOverFlowException". Below is the error image which is displayed once the memory is overused. See the following video on regular expressions along with some practical demonstrations as follows: - Visit to get more stuff on
Java interview questions: - What are the core interfaces of hibernate framework?
This is one of the most favorite Java interview questions of the interviewer. So in the following way one can answer this question: - Session Interface This is the primary interface used by hibernate applications The instances of this interface are lightweight and are inexpensive to create and destroy Hibernate sessions are not thread safe Session Factory Interface This is a factory that delivers the session objects to hibernate application. Configuration Interface This inter
Knowledge Sharing Session: - On concept of OOPS (Inheritance and Use of Virtual Keyword)
In this Session we will learn the use of Inheritance and Use of Virtual Keyword.For more details vi
.NET/ASP.NET interview questions: - What to use while design - Data grid, data list, or repeater?
This is one of quiet often asked .NET/ASP.NET interview questions so prepare accordingly to answer it to the interviewer. Many of the developers make a blind choice of choosing data grid directly, but that is not the right way. Data grid provides ability to allow the end-user to sort, page, and edit its data. However, it comes at a cost of speed. Second, the display format is simple that is in row and columns. Real life scenarios can be more demanding that With its templates, the Dat
Java/Struts interview questions: - Differentiate between Struts 1.x and Struts 2.x?
n this article we will show the difference between Struts 1.x and Struts 2.x, For more articles and
ASP.NET interview questions: - What is Form authentication in ASP.NET?
Start answering this ASP.NET interview questions as follows: - In traditional ASP if you are told to create a login page and do authentication you have to do hell lot of custom coding. Now in ASP.NET that has made easy by introducing Forms authentication. So let us see in detail what form authentication is. Forms authentication uses a ticket cookie to see that user is authenticated or not. That means when user is authenticated first time a cookie is set to tell that this user is authent