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Articles in April of year 2012

Index in SQL
ndex in sql is created on existing tables to retrieve the rows quickly. If we don't create any ind
How do I access properties of a javascript object if I do not know the names
For example we have object like blow: var data = { Name: 'rohit', Value: '0' }; Pro
how to know number of elements in a javascript object
With below function we may get the number of elements in a javascript object function countPr
how to extract extension from filename string in javascript
We can find any file extension with function. It will split the characters from last dot and show
include Directive
he #include Directive : It is used when we want to add some file text in another file. It is used in
Java/Servlets interview questions: -Mention the concept of SSI(Server Side Includes)?
Server Side Includes (SSI) are commands and directives placed in Web pages that are evaluated by the Web server when the Web page is being served. SSI are not supported by all web servers. So before using SSI read the web server documentation for the support. SSI is useful when you want a small part of the page to be dynamically generated rather than loading the whole page again. Below is the code for SSI which needs to be inserted in between the HTML tags. Here the CODE attribute spec
How to remove the decimals from price datatype
ith below syntax, we can remove the decimals from price datatype.  <%# Eval("Price").ToS
List All The Constraint of all tables of Database
ith below query we may find out the constraints of every table. It is useful in case when we want to
Allow double quotes in Store procedures
o allow double quotes in store procedures, Below line need to put above the procedure. SET QUOTED
Add Day, Month or Year in date column in sql server
e can add date in sql server with DATEADD function. Example is as below. Syntax: DATEADD (dat