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Articles in April of year 2011

.NET/ASP.NET Interview Question - Explain WebService and how does it differ from Remoting?
Answer: WebServices is a cross platform where we can invoke object which are lying on different server or different georphical  location. Both WebService and Remoting are used for same Purpose but the difference in Remoting is that both the server and client should be .NET platform while in WebService the server and client can be in different platform. Remoting is faster than WebService. WebService can be access only through http protocol but Remoting can access
.NET/ASP.NET Interview Question - Can you explain remoting?
Answer: Remoting is a .NET technology where we can invoke objects which are lying on different server or different geographical location. Below is the diagram shows the concept of Remoting.   In the above diagram, a client which is located in India want to access object of .NET class from the server which is located in US, So this can be done by Remoting.   Please click here to see more  .NET/ASP.NET interview questionsa Regards, V
.NET/ASP.NET Interview Question -Validate a Controls in ASP.NET page using JavaScript?
Answer:  Let's see an Simple example to understand. Assuming that we have a Textbox and Button on the ASP.NET page like below. <asp:TextBox ID="txtName" runat="server"></asp:TextBox> <asp:Button ID="btnSubmit" runat="server" Text="Submit" OnClientClick="return validate()" /> Now, Add the below code snippet on the page source. <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function ValidateTextBox()     { &n
WCF Interview Question - Name and explain types of security in WCF?
Answer:   In WCF there are two types of Security, transport level security and message level security. Transport Security: Transport level security happens at the channel level. Transport level security is the easiest to implement as it happens at the communication level. WCF uses transport protocols like TCP, HTTP, MSMQ etc and every of these protocols have their own security mechanisms. One of the common implementation of transport level security is HTTPS. HTTPS is imp
WCF Interview Question -Can you distinguish between Basic httpbinding and WShttpbinding?
Answer: Basic Httpbinding:In httpbinding Data is sent as a plain text.In other words,there is no security provided for the message when the client calls happen. This is aimed for clients who do not have .NET 3.0 installed and it supports wider ranges of clients. Many of the clients like Windows 2000 still do not run .NET 3.0. So older version of .NET can consume this service. It uses SOAP1.1 version. WShttpbinding:As WsHttBinding supports WS-*, it has WS-Security enabled by
C#/.NET interview Question - How will you distinguish between ArrayList and Array?
Answer:   Array   ArrayList   They are fixed length.   They are resizable and variable length.   They are compiled strong type collection.   They are flexible and can accommodate any data types.   Because arrays are of fixed size and strong type collection performance is faster.   In arraylist lots of boxing and unboxing are done there f
How to uninstall Best Malware Protection and remove virus
After installing "Best Malware Protection" I found fake errors in system, I tried to close this with
Insert Multiple records with single Insert statement
For entering data in table we will write below command. insert into persons ( p_id, First_Name, La
C#/.NET interview Question - Show different types of collection in .NET?
Answer:   Collection: - Collections are basically group of records which can be treated as a one logical unit. .NET Collections are divided in to four important categories as follows. Indexed based. Key Value Pair. Prioritized Collection. Specialized Collection.   Let’s begin with Indexed based and key value pair.   Indexed based: - It helps you to access the value of row by using the inte
How to count rows in Notepad
Follow these steps to count the rows in notepad. (1) Open notepad (2) Go to View > Click