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Basic Concepts - Operations that can be performed on data structures

Following operations can be performed on the data structures:

1. Traversing

2. Searching

3. Inserting

4. Deleting

5. Sorting

6. Merging

1. Traversing- It is used to access each data item exactly once so that it can be processed.

2. Searching- It is used to find out the location of the data item if it exists in the given collection of data items.

3. Inserting- It is used to add a new data item in the given collection of data items.

4. Deleting- It is used to delete an existing data item from the given collection of data items.

5. Sorting- It is used to arrange the data items in some order i.e. in ascending or descending order in case of numerical data and in dictionary order in case of alphanumeric data.

6. Merging- It is used to combine the data items of two sorted files into single file in the sorted form.


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