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All cool kids do it Why is JavaScript so popular? What can you do with it?

 When the Internet was booming in the 1990s, tech companies struggled to create the most powerful and efficient web browsers on the market. This caused the first "browser wars" between Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and NetScape (NetScape Navigator), giving them an edge in their share of web browser usage. Unlike other languages ??that require deeper training, 
 Netscape ultimately needed a lightweight scripting language to make programming easier to make web development more accessible. In 1995,  NetScape employee Brendan Eich was given 10 days to help  the company build a lightweight scripting language. As a result, Eich built Mocha and later renamed it to JavaScript. The lesson of the story-JavaScript wasn't meant to be the standard language for the Web! However, as NetScape won the browser wars, JavaScript became more popular. More and more websites started using JavaScript, and  most developers used JavaScript to build their websites, eventually eliminating the need to use it. 
 JavaScript is today's essential web technology and is supported by all major web browsers. Language is very important for anyone who wants to be a web developer. Many experts agree that JavaScript will continue to grow as an integral language for web development. 
 JavaScript on the web 
 JavaScript, also known as JS, is a flexible and powerful language that is consistently implemented  by various web browsers, making it a language for web development. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are  core components of web technology.  HTML is responsible for style structure and CSS, while JavaScript guarantees the interactivity of web pages in the browser. 
  JavaScript popularity 
 At this point, you may be wondering: why was the language written in 10 days by a man adopted all at once by the World Wide Web? In short, JavaScript was a hit because it turned the web browser into an application platform. Method is as follows. 
 JavaScript can be used on both the front end and back end of web development.  JavaScript is standardized and will be updated frequently  with newer versions.  JavaScript can be easily integrated with HTML and CSS. You can use JavaScript  to enable interactivity such as scrolling transitions and moving objects on your website. Modern browsers are competing for the fastest processing of JavaScript to provide the best user experience. Chrome, the most used internet browser in 2017, has been very successful because it can process JavaScript quickly.  JavaScript provides a wide range of frameworks and libraries to help developers create complex applications with low overhead. Programmers can extend the functionality of their applications by importing libraries and frameworks into their code.

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