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ASP.NET MVC interview questions: - How to implement windows authentication for MVC?

For windows authentication you need to go and modify the “web.config” file and set authentication mode to windows.

<authentication mode="Windows"/>


<deny users="?"/>


Then in the controller or on the action you can use the “Authorize” attribute which specifies which users have access to these controllers and actions. Below is the code snippet for the same. Now only the users specified in the controller and action can access the same.

[Authorize(Users= @"WIN-3LI600MWLQN\Administrator")]

    public class StartController : Controller



        // GET: /Start/

        [Authorize(Users = @"WIN-3LI600MWLQN\Administrator")]

        public ActionResult Index()


            return View("MyView");




Above is the ASP.NET MVC interview questions & also see the following video on redirect permanent: -


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