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ADO.NET interview questions: - How can we fire a simple SQL Statement using ADO.NET?

  • First imports the namespace “System.Data.SqlClient”.
  • Create a connection object and call the “Open” function.

      With objConnection

             .Connection String = strConnectionString



  • Create the command object with the SQL. Also, assign the created connection object to command object and execute the reader.

ObjCommand = New SqlCommand (“Select First Name from Employees”)

With objCommand

                .Connection = objConnection

                Breeder = .Execute Reader ()


  • You can then loop through the reader object to read the data.

Do while objReader.Read ()

lstData.Items.Add (objReader.Item (“First Name”))


  • Do not forget to close the connection object.


Above is the ADO.NET interview questions and see following SQL video on triggers, inserted and deleted tables: -


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