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What is the difference between Canvas and SVG graphics?(ASP.NET HTML 5 interview questions with answers)

Note :- If you see the previous two questions both canvas and SVG can draw graphics on the browser. So in this question interviewer wants to know when will you use what.



Here’s it’s like draw and remember. In other words any shape drawn by using SVG can be remembered and manipulated and browser can render it again.

Canvas is like draw and forget. Once something is drawn you cannot access that pixel and manipulate it.

SVG is good for creating graphics like CAD software’s where once something is drawn the user wants to manipulate it.

Canvas is good for draw and forget scenarios like animation and games.

This is slow as it needs to remember the co-ordinates for later manipulations.

This is faster as there is no intention of remembering things later.

We can have event handler associated with the drawing object.

Here we cannot associate event handlers with drawing objects as we do not have reference of them.

Resolution independent.

Resolution dependent.

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