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Registry Disable By administrator Message

I faced a problem when my try top open my registry by clicking on window + run > regedit


I got a message that registry disabled by administrator.

This may be due to virus attack. According to my understanding virus had changed some value in registry so that i may not open the registry. After a small troubleshoot i found a solution for that.

I installed a file after that My registry enabled. I download file and right click on that file and click on install...... My PC registry opened. i wrote regedit in run command. My registry opened.

File is attached. I have found this solution on below heighlighted url.
Note: While installing the file. It is changing some in registry. registry changes may corrupt the system and may be need to install window. So please keep backup of your files before run this.


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Rohit kakria
I am software developer, moderator of xpode.com

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