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Java interview questions: - What do you mean by cookies?

Cookies are piece of data which are stored at the client’s browser to track information regarding the user usage and habits. Servlets sends cookies to the browser client using the HTTP response headers. When client gets the cookie information it’s stored by the browser in the client’s hard disk. Similarly client returns the cookie information using the HTTP request headers.

Figure: - Cookies in action

Figure: - Cookies code walkthrough

Above is a simple snippet which shows how to use cookies. To create a cookie you need to use the “Cookie” class. In the above snippet step1 creates a cookie using the “Cookie” class. In this case “favoritecookiebook” is the name of the cookie. In Step 2 you can see how a cookie has been added to the response. Step 3 code shows how to get all the cookies which has come in the current request header. Step 4 shows the way to get a cookie from a collection in this case we wanted to retrieve “favoritecookiebook” from the cookies collection.

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