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Heading tag

Now we will learn more tags From heading one to heading six. We denote it with

<h1> Heading Text </h1>
The use of these tags make helpful in page ranking also. These looks not nice but can be decorate with CSS.

There are some tags which we can use in Head section.

Base - This tag is use for declare the base url of page and after that the other urls on the page will pick that url.
BGSound - This tag is used for run the background music after.
Link - This tag is used for calling the external css.
Meta - These are used for show the information in search engine.
Noscript - This tag is used, when the browsers's javascript is not enabled.
Script - This is used if we want to write the javascript function or want to call the external javascript.
Style - This tag is used when we want to write the style.
Title - This tag is used to show the information in Title bar.

In These tag title and meta tags are very useful in increasse the ranking in search engine.

At first there is starting tag of <!Doctype> It tells the sponsoring organization is w3c.org After that it tells the version of html is used. Main question is What are the types of Doctype
There are 3 types of Doc type
  1. - Strict
  2. - Transitional
  3. - Frameset


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