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Java Interview Questions: – Explain the main components of JDBC?

This is the most practical oriented Java Interview Questions which may be asked during the Interview by the Interviewer.

Driver Manager:

  • Manages a list of database drivers.
  • Matches connection requests from the java application with the proper database driver using communication


  • The database communications link, handling all communication with the database.
  • Normally, once the driver is loaded, the developer need not call it explicitly.


  • Interface with all methods for contacting a database
  • Represents communication context, i.e., all communication with database is through connection object only.


  • Encapsulates an SQL statement which is passed to the database to be parsed, compiled, planned and executed.

Result Set

  • The ResultSet represents set of rows retrieved due to query execution

Data source

  • is a facility for storing data
  • Data Source may point to RDBMS, file system, any DBMS

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