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Java/J2EE Design Pattern Interview Questions: – 20 Basics interview questions on Java/J2EE Design Patterns?

We are putting forward 20 basic Java/J2EE design pattern Interview questions. Hope every one benefits. Normally the Java/J2EE design pattern interviewer starts with...

  • Explain how J2EE design patterns are classified?
  • What is Front Controller pattern?
  • What is Intercepting Filter pattern?
  • What is Composite View pattern?
  • What is View Helper pattern?
  • What is Dispatcher?
  • What is Service to Worker pattern?
  • What is Service Locator pattern?
  • What is Business Delegate pattern?
  • What is Session Façade pattern?
  • What is EJB Command pattern?
  • What is Value Object pattern?
  • What is Value Object Assembler pattern?
  • What is Data Access Object pattern?
  • What is Version Number pattern?
  • What is the application of business objects?
  • Why transfer objects(TO) are not used to store state in business objects(BO)?
  • Is Service Locator still be used in EJB 3?
  • What is the use of Transfer objects(TO)?
  • What is the use of TO Assembler?

See the following video on Batch Processing in Hibernate: -

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