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Body tag

Body tag is the main tag of the HTML. Information shown on web page is placed in body tag. We can show the contents without body tags also with Frames. But this is not recommendable because mostly search engines ignores the pages which contains frames. Body tags can contain tables, div, paragraphs, headings, contents, pictures, images, flash objects etc.

In these sections There are some properties for Body tags. These are :

Background - This is used for show the background

BGcolor - To change the background color of body

BottomMargin - This is used for give the margin from bottom

Class - This is used for apply the class(css) for decoration

ID - Give a unique identification

LeftMargin - Give the left margin

Marginwidth - Specifies the width of margin.

RightMargin - Specifies the margin from right.

Style - Apply the style (css)

TopMargin - This is used for give the margin from top


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